Simply Give

When does $10 = $30? 

When you participate in the Meijer Simply Give Program's Double Match Days!

Your donation goes further with Meijer Simply Give match

Meijer's Simply Give Program is back! Meijer is working to help support community Food Pantries with its Simply Give program.  Meijer stores across the Midwest are partnering with local pantries and matching community donations up to a million dollars.  You can support UCOM at the 54th St Meijer in Wyoming by picking up a $10 Simply Give card at check out. 

Turn $10 into healthy food for your neighbors in need!

By participating in the Simply Give program at the 54th St. location your $10 donation comes directly to UCOM along with a $20 match from Meijer on Double Match days! This year's Double Match day is June 14th! Last year UCOM received over $4000 in gift cards that we used to purchase healthy food options for our pantry! The Simply Give program is a great way to make your donation to UCOM go a little further.

Don't Hesitate

This round of Meijer's Simply give program starts May 12th and runs through June 16th with a special Double Match day on June 14th, so stop on by and pick up your cards soon!